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Interior Detailing

The interior of your vehicle is the perfect environment for bacteria, viruses, pollutants, allergens, dust, grime and many more containments. Over the course of months and years these containments will wear down your vehicle’s vinyl, plastic, leather and especially the fabrics, but also can cause health issues for you and your passengers.

At Odin Car Detailing, I recommend you have your vehicle detailed 4 times a year, this usually means between each season change (Fall, winter, Spring & Summer). Of course, this all depends on your budget, with this is mind it is a good idea to have your vehicle detailed at least once a year, usually in the spring. Detailing the interior of your vehicle will address these containments lingering in your vehicle and helps keep your interior pristine condition. This helps enhance the life and longevity of the interior of your vehicle.

Contact Me Today for a Quote!

Pricing is dependent on your vehicle’s year, make, model, pet hair, excessive clutter or garbage & level of soiling of the interior of your vehicle, quotes given over the phone, text message or email may change upon arrival with further inspection in person.

**All pricing for interior packages below is based off full size pick-up trucks, please contact me today for a quote for your vehicle! **

Loki Package

Estimation of Completion: 3 to 4 Hours
**Recommended as a Maintenance Service**

-Complete Vacuum
-Rubber Floor Mats Cleaned
-Windows & Mirrors Cleaned
-Panels & Surfaces Cleaned 


Coupe: $100
Sedan: $110
Truck: $120
Hatchbacks: $130
5 Seater SUV: $140
7 Seater SUV: $150
Vans: $160

Thor Package

Estimation of Completion: 4 to 5 hours

-Indepth cleaning of all panels, consoles & dashes
-Thorough Vacuum
-Full Carpet Shampooing
-Leather Seats Cleaned
-Rubber Floor Mats Washed
-Windows Cleaned
-Door Jambs wiped down 

Coupe: $200
Sedan: $210
Truck: $220
Hatchbacks: $230
5 Seater SUV: $240
7 Seater SUV: $250
Vans: $260

Odin Package

Estimation of Completion: 5 to 7 Hours

Everything in Thor Package plus:
-Fabric Floor Mats Cleaned
-Headliner Cleaning
-Trunk or Hatch Shampooed
-Odor Removal
-Pet Hair Removal
-Excessive Mess Removal
-Heavy Stain Removal

Coupe: $300
Sedan: $310
Truck: $320
Hatchbacks: $330
5 Seater SUV: $340
7 Seater SUV: $350
Vans: $360

Seat Shampooing: Starting at $45
Headliner: $50
Fabric Floor Mats: $30
Trunk or Hatch Shampooing: $40
Ozone (Odour Removal): $70
Pet Hair: $70