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Red Deer and Area Exterior Detailing, Paint Correction, and Car Polishing

Your vehicles paint battles against many different natural elements such as sunlight (UV Rays), rain, insects, bird droppings and many other containments, but these aren’t the only elements your vehicle battles against. The exterior of your vehicle battles against human elements such as snow brushes, people brushing up against it, or improper cleaning of the exterior with harsh chemicals & brushes. These all-cause swirls, holograms, scratches and many other defects if not careful. Between natural elements and human error over months and years your vehicles paint becomes dull and faded.

At Odin Car Detailing, I specialize in all levels of paint correction from single stage polishes to more in-depth corrections to remove containments, or defects properly without damaging your vehicles clearcoat. Car manufacturers are putting less and less clearcoat on vehicles today compared to 20 years ago, I take the time to take all this into account before proceeding with any stage of paint correction because your vehicles clearcoat is important. If you are looking to add some additional protection to your vehicle with an exterior detail package below, ask me about having your vehicle Ceramic Coated.

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Pricing is dependent on your vehicle’s year, make, model, color, contaminants, defects & overall condition of your vehicles paint. Vehicles must be seen in person for a quote.

Midgard Package

Estimation of Completion: 2 to 3 Hours

-Exterior Hand Wash
-Wheels & Fenders Cleaned & Dressed
–Spray Sealant Applied
-Hand Dry 


Coupe: $70
Cars & hatchbacks: $80
Truck: $90
5 Seater SUV: $100
7 Seater SUV & Vans: $110

Asgard Package

Estimation of Completion: 1 Day

Everything in Midgard package plus:
-Iron, Tar & Sap Decontamination
-Engine Bay Cleaned and dressed
-Undercarraige Cleaned 

Coupe: $160
Cars & hatchbacks: $170
Truck: $180
5 Seater SUV: $190
7 Seater SUV & Vans: $200

Valhalla Package

Estimation of Completion: 2 Days

Everything in Midgard & Asgard Packages plus:
-Clay Bar Decontamination
-Single Stage Enahncement Polish to remove up to 70% of light scratches & swirls and bring out the highgloss finish in your paint
-Paint Sealant Applied 

Coupe: $300
Cars & hatchbacks: $350
Truck: $400 ¾ ton+:
5 Seater SUV: $450
7 Seater SUV & Vans: $500