Exterior Detailing

Your vehicles paint battles every day against the elements of Alberta roads such as sunlight (UV Rays), rain, insects, bird droppings, road salt and other containments. These elements may not seem like big concerns, but over the course of time will end up fading plastics, oxidation, clearcoat failure, creating rust and corrosion. At Odin Car Detailing we offer a variety of exterior detailing packages for your needs from foam hand washes, decontamination, car polishing, while also offering paint protections for your vehicle such as waxes, sealants, and ceramic coatings.

Pricing depends on the year, make, model of your vehicle as well as containments found on your vehicle, Quotes given over the phone, text, email may change upon arrival after further inspection in person.

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Pricing is dependent on your vehicle’s year, make, model, color, contaminants, defects & overall condition of your vehicles paint. Vehicles must be seen in person for a quote.

Exterior Packages

Midgard Package
-Exterior Hand Wash
-Wheels & Fenders Cleaned & Dressed
–Spray Sealant Applied
-Hand Dry

Coupe: $70+GST
5-Seater SUV:
7+ Seater SUV & Minivans:

Asgard Package
Everything in Midgard Package plus:
-Iron, Tar & Sap Decontamination
-Engine Bay Cleaned and dressed
-Undercarriage Cleaned

Coupe: $130+GST
5-Seater SUV:
7+ Seater SUV & Minivans:

Valhalla Package
Everything in Midgard & Asgard Packages plus:
-Clay Bar Decontamination
-Single Stage Enhancement Polish to remove up to 70% of light scratches & swirls and bring out the high-gloss finish in your paint
-Trim Restoration

Coupe: $300+GST
5-Seater SUV:
7+ Seater SUV & Minivans:

Headlight Restoration

At Odin Car Detailing we specialize in enhancement polishing. Car polishing is the perfect fit for those that do not want to spend an incredible amount on paint correction, but their goal is to bring some life back to their vehicle. Enhancement polishing can remove up to 75% of defects such as swirls, light holograms or scratches while bringing the deep gloss back to your vehicles paint! If you are looking for a protective product after completion of car polishing, we recommend going with Revivify Nano Coating or IGL Ceramic Coating to help protect your vehicle over the course of its life.

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