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About Us


Odin Car Detailing is a professional auto detailing business that has been in business since January 2019. We specialize in interior detailing, offering everything from wiping down your vehicle, vacuuming, shampooing, cleaning your windows and even your headliner to fully ensure every inch of your vehicle is spotless. Here at Odin Car Detailing, we focus on your needs while giving you peace of mind that you can take pride in your vehicle once again. We use top of the line products to ensure your vehicle is properly cleaned and protected.

about us
our mission


Odin Car Detailing’s goal is to offer an array of interior and exterior detailing services to help protect your vehicle from the harsh elements here in Alberta. We also want to keep you educated on what is being applied to your vehicle and how to properly maintain it.

Odin Car Detailing also strives to offer:

Amazing customer service
Quality services that go above and beyond your expectations
Affordability to fit everyone’s budget

Daren McIntosh ~ Owner

After two and a half years of working in the oilfield industry to support his family, Daren decided to make a choice and follow his dreams. In January 2019, Daren started Odin Car Detailing thinking it would be a great idea since he could finally be home with his family. Maybe it’s a little bit of OCD, but Daren strives to make sure the vehicles are detailed to the best of his capabilities, making sure they look 100% better than when the customers dropped them off. Daren continues to educate himself on the Auto Detailing industry to make sure he is up to date on the standards present around the world.